About Us

Doing business from the customers point of view!

Our philosophy first and foremost is to represent our names with honesty, dignity and at the same time be friendly. We would like to thank our existing clients and the new ones that come along. We also know that 95% of our business comes from recommendations so good sound service will always continue at our company. As our slogan states “Doing business from the customer point of view!” is key. We do not operate a 9 to 5 Monday to Friday but work around your timetable to make things happen even if it’s a holiday.


Quality & Value for Money

We guarantee quality and value for money to our clients. We guarantee our clients, the best deal possible allowing Cyprus property owners to maximize their investment potential. Our general property directory gives customers a wide-ranging selection of affordable properties and we try our best to find a solution to fit your requirements.

Souni Living Property Management provides excellent services using only reputable companies in Cyprus. Exclusively with developers, financiers and local tourism to guarantee the best selection of solutions at the best possible value. Souni Living can take care of all your Property Management needs.

Latest Properties

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